Three Magnificent Ways to Connect to Your Ideal Reader!

Hey there, new author! Just wanted to check in with you.  Hope your writing is going well!

I love engaging with my target audience on social media, especially via Instagram.  

Instagram is my favorite social media platform because the audience is willing and ready to engage.  

Social media is more than posting cute pictures, memes and quotes.

People actually want to make real-life connections with other people. I love creating videos and connecting with an engaged target audience.

My favorite moment on Instagram was when a blogger and life coach, Stephanie Jackson (@thesweetlifeofstephaniej), posted about my book, “Skyrocket Your Success!” in her Instagram Story.

She read passages that discussed how successful people arise early and conquered the most challenging tasks in the early part of the day.  

It felt so surreal to not only see someone reading my book, but my book also inspired them to write their own book!  

I challenge you to connect with your target audience via social media. 

Go live on Facebook or Instagram, create videos, ask questions and engage with your target audience.  

Here are three ways to connect with your readers on social media. 


1.  Remember, it’s social media—be social! Show your face from time to time by going live and interacting with your followers. When your followers leave comments on your posts, go a step further than just liking their comment.  

Respond to your followers and create a conversation! 

2.  Be observant! If someone is always commenting or showing up for your live broadcasts, send them a DM and say thank you.

See if they have any questions. Offer them a free 15-minute consultation.

3.  Ask questions! See what your audience really want. Ask them about their challenges and offer a solution.

Once they see that you are genuinely interested in helping them, not only will you gain their trust, but they will be more open to your product offerings. 

As always, it’s a pleasure to share with you.  Please feel free to ask questions about the writing process or publishing your book.  I’d be happy to assist you.  Hit me up at!

Happy Reading and Writing!

Shar Halliburton


Posh Tori